There’s No Business Like Show Business in and around Hockley Village
Why not bring YOUR next “production” to the Hockley Historic Community Hall and Church? Weddings, Parties, Anniversaries, any reason you require a quaint, quiet setting. To learn more, visit
Tranquil… Serene…. Historic…. Fresh air…. cozy….. Yes you know how to describe the town and the area…. There really is no “bad” time of year to do anything in HOCKLEYWOOD. Schedule a photo shoot with a friend or a pro… Get married and have all your family and friends gathered in the Hockley Historic Church. Have your reception right next door at the Hockley Historic Community Hall. The area begs for your presense. Winding roads, hills, split rail fences and trees…. oh my, have you EVER seen this place in the Fall? Perhaps this is why some of your favorite television shows have been filmed here… its the ATMOSPHERE! Historic….. that’s Hockley….. and that’s HOCKLEYWOOD
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